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Welcome! Radiologic Technology program Massasoit

February 1, 2017 - I need your help! I am trying to start a Radiologic Tech Blog called Tech Talk, but I need your help! I need some guest blogs that I can post! Anything Rad Tech related, Xray, CT, Cath Lab, IR, MRI, etc. Let's hear from you! E-mail Liz with your ideas!


Hello to New and Prospective students!

Welcome to Student Perspective! This site is dedicated to giving new and prospective students a jump start in the Radiologic Technology Program at Massasoit Community College in Brockton, Ma! It was created by me, Liz Asci, as my 4th semester service project. However, I could not do it alone! I would like to thank the many past and present students that gave me feedback and their tips and tricks! Without them, the site would not be possible. You will see quotes throughout these pages, which all came from Massasoit Grads or current students. These are their words, so make sure you listen to them, because they have been there, done that! They survived, so their advice is worth your attention!


Congrats if you were accepted to the program. Chances are you are both nervous and excited for this opportunity. You may even be very scared! But have no fear, you can do it!

You are very lucky to have been chosen and owe it to yourself/your teachers/and you clinical site to give it 100% and be grateful for the chance.

Hang in there. It is a lot of information in a short period of time. Help each other out, great friendships can be made. It is all worth it in the end.

Half the battle was getting into the program! Now that you are here, take a deep breath and relax. This site will break down the program for you, and let you know what to expect. There are no curveballs here, what you see is what you get. Most everything is laid out for you, but it can be quite overwhelming.

Site Breakdown

The links on the left will help you navigate. Basically the site takes you through the preparation stages before the first day, then your first day of class, first day of clinical, then an overview of the rest of the program.

I was definitely a little nervous [about the 1st day of clinical]. I had never worked in a hospital before. So it was a very new experience in dealing with the public.

Have Fun!

It is a challenging program, but it is also a lot of fun! Try and keep a sense of humor and know that we all make mistakes and no one is perfect. Go into class and clinical with enthusiasm and you will be alright.

Every situation is a learning experience, you are surrounded by many people that have great knowledge in what you are learning so take all the advice and Good Luck!

Have Fun!